Offers Togel Hongkong House Odds

Canada NewsWire – announces the release of the world’s first online gaming platform that allows players to enjoy the “house” odds. Patent-pending software launched early this month after research and development by Honor Graduates of Technion University in Israel.

BeTheDealer combines the best of Internet gaming — a multiplayer capability with a transaction fee model using proprietary algorithms that allow players to become the house. This is the first time a casino company has been able to provide players with the ability to play as the dealer.

As a dealer, players are afforded not only an increase in odds since they’re playing as the house, they also have the excitement of becoming the blackjack dealer or even acting as the slot machine itself, while chatting with the other players.

Peer-to-peer technologies such as those employed by Napster and ICQ/AOL Instant Messenger are unique in their ability to virally market themselves to large numbers. Similar to eBay, BeTheDealer charges as commission a fraction of the value transacted through its system thereby rapidly growing revenue.

BeTheDealer has signed on Internet portals Lycos and LastMinute in the UK, as well as other leading Internet sites. These agreements, as well as others in the pipeline in Europe mediated by Ariadne Capital, help position the company to capture a share of the online gaming market that researcher Datamonitor estimates will grow to $5 billion in 2004 from $50 million in 1999 in Europe.

“The online gaming industry is maturing and gaining credibility … BeTheDealer is another inflection,” said Julie Meyer, CEO of Ariadne Capital. “BeTheDealer blends the breakthrough technology of an ICQ with the viral peer-to-peer distribution of a Napster. Casino Village (developers of BeTheDealer) is poised to be to gaming what eBay is to auctions — a top transaction-based P2P platform.”

Due …

Online Player Wins Quarter Toto SGP Million Dollars

Toto SGP

Mikh102 feels like a million dollars after winning nearly a quarter of a million dollars ($244,055) on a sultry Friday afternoon last week. Mikh102 was playing at one of the internet’s loosest progressive slot machines, Rags to Riches, at InterCasino ( when his life was changed by a stroke of luck on a progressive slot machine.

Mikl102 is not unlike other online gamblers who are looking for more bang for their buck in today’s competitive online gaming market. He was playing on a progressive slot with a track record for big wins at a casino with a reputation for making customers happy.

“The best online casinos will always have the most players. The most players will always lead to the biggest progressive jackpots, and the biggest jackpots always mean the biggest winners. Its not a mathematical theorem, it’s a commercial principle and its just makes sense.” Says global internet gaming author Gabriel Black.

Including Friday’s win, InterCasino has already paid out $2,816,029.01 in jackpots this year alone. But what is important to remember, according to Black, it is not just the size of the jackpots but their frequency. “Casinos can offer ten million dollar jackpots if they wanted to, they just make them so hard to win that they never strike. So what you look for as a gambler is not the size of the jackpot alone, but the frequency at which it hits. InterCasino’s progressives hit big and hit often, Especially Rags to Riches. And that’s what’s important. You don’t want a slot machine that’s harder to win than the lottery.”

According to the site’s manager Ryan Hartley it’s all going according to plan. “When you have a casino you want people to win, that’s business, and any casino who thinks otherwise is not going to be in business …

Variations of Asian2Bet Deuces Wild



There are many variations on deuces wild, some of which are reasonable games. One variation is called Deuces Deluxe. Its gimmick is to pay more for natural fours-of-a-kind and straight flushes. Its return is 100.2%. A second variation is Double Deuces, which doubles the four deuces mini-jackpot and slightly increases the five-of-a-kind and straight flush payoffs. Its return is 99.6%, and its variance is higher than normal deuces wild. I have found a very few Double Deuces machines where the four deuces mini-jackpot is 2500 coins. This is an outstanding machine, with a 101.6% return, the highest I know of. It also has a very large variance. I worked out a expert strategy sheet for this variation.


Both of these variations reduce the bread-and-butter payoff of deuces wild, the four-of-a-kind payoff, from 25 to 20. Not surprisingly, this also turns out to be the technique used by the many rip-off variations of deuces wild. You might think that if you reduce the four-of-a-kind payoff, but increase the payoff of the “more likely” hands like flush and full house, the net return would have to increase. The fallacy is that with four wild cards the normal hand frequencies are greatly distorted. For example, fours-of-a-kind are five times more likely than full houses.


Another interesting machine type is the five wild machine, which adds a joker to the four wild deuces. The net return on these machines is 99.0%, which is rather low. However, the five wild machines have a very low variance. Thus, if you like the thrill of the inflated hands of the other wild card machines, but do not like their high variance, you might enjoy five wilds. I have a expert strategy sheet for five wilds.


Double Bonus Machines


I have saved …

Status of Casino Malaysia Gambling Laws in the U.S.

Casino Malaysia

The following are American jurisdictions having recent activity concerning legal gambling.

* – States and territories with gaming devices are marked with an asterisk: *

! – States with at least one casino (defined as having both banking card games and slot-like machines) are marked with an exclamation point: !

!* NEW YORK – The state needs to raise money after the Sept. 11th attacks, so the Legislature turned to gambling, including six more tribal casinos, and VLTs at selected racetracks. The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe quickly signed an agreement with Park Place Entertainment Corp. to build and operate a $500 million casino and resort complex in the Catskills. The legislation probably violates the State Constitution, because it allows slots, and federal law, because it taxes the tribes at 25%. Gov. George Pataki signed compacts creating tribal casinos without slots, including the fantastically successful Oneida’s Turning Stone. (If Mexico legalizes casinos, the Oneidas plan to develop and manage them in Acapulco and Mazatlan.) A state trial court ruled the compacts illegal, because the Governor signed without the Legislature’s authorization. But Gov. Pataki then signed a compact with the Seneca Nation for tribal casinos in Niagara Falls and Buffalo. Atty. Gen. Eliot Spitzer doesn’t believe the casinos will have to close. Sen. Hillary Clinton demonstrated during the campaign that she hasn’t a clue about Indian gaming. A state trial judge caused a stir by declaring an “Internet site creates a virtual casino within the user’s computer terminal” and may be dragged into New York. Interesting, but irrelevant: this operator was a New York company! A trial court decision allows New York City to license casino day-trips-to-nowhere. The Off-Track Betting Corp. announced plans to set up the first state-sponsored Internet betting site, but the Legislature balked.

!* NORTH CAROLINA – State law …

Regulators leery of problems in Macau


Nevada gaming regulators are concerned that Strip developers Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson could enter a troubled business, political and legal climate in Macau.

The Desert Inn and Venetian owners head two of the three groups that were chosen as semifinalists by Macau officials to build casinos in the $2 billion gambling market that is controlled by mainland China.

The former Portuguese colony, which borders southeastern China and juts into the South China Sea, is a popular destination for Asian gamblers and has a centuries-old reputation for lawlessness that is reflected in reputed links between organized crime and government officials.

Macau’s gaming properties are money makers for prostitutes and loan sharks, who openly conduct business in the casinos. Law enforcement officials believe protection money is often paid to organized crime triads and political leaders to ensure peaceful operations, although Chinese government officials have said that is all about to change.

“I’m concerned because the history of Macau is somewhat jaded in respect to regulated-type activities,” Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman Dennis Neilander said. “You have to do a substantial amount of due diligence (or background research on people and businesses) to reach some comfort level.”

But it is difficult, Neilander noted, to guarantee the accuracy of the information gathered on potential Chinese and Macau-based partners.

“The whole political and cultural environment for doing due diligence is far different from in the United States,” Neilander noted.

Macau is a one-hour, high-speed boat ride from Hong Kong. Like the former British colony, it was returned to Chinese rule in 1999 when it was given the semi-independent status of special administrative region.

The city of 438,000 people attracted 10.3 million visitors last year, or more than a quarter of the total that came to Las Vegas.

Last year, the Chinese government opened the …

Major Millions Online Slot Debuts and Situs Judi Slot

Togel Singapore

Major Millions is a brand new progressive game designed to pay out the biggest jackpots ever seen online. This new progressive jackpot is available at casinos powered by Microgaming software.

According to Microgaming, Major Millions is the largest progressive jackpot game on the Internet ever, with a jackpot starting value of $250,000. Microgaming expects Major Millions to be the first online slot machine to pay out $1,000,000.

Major Millions is a 1 dollar, 3 reel, 3 payline slot. The game accumulates deposits from players on all its participating casinos and creates jackpots that grow by the minute. A stake of only $3 qualifies players for the huge progressive jackpot.

Marilyn Glazier, Press Agent for Jackpot Madness, commented, “Major Millions winners will receive between $250,000 and over a million dollars in one direct payment, which is very exciting. Although other slots may claim to pay a million dollars, these are staggered payments over a number of years…. We expect the jackpot amounts on Major Millions to transform the scale of online gaming payouts.”

The first Major Millions Millionaire will start the millionaire’s life in style, with an all expense paid luxury trip to the chicest gambling destination in the world – Monte Carlo. Jackpot Madness’ Major Millionaire will receive a lavish package for two, including first class air tickets from anywhere in the world to Monte Carlo, four nights at Hotel Hermitage, the most exclusive hotel in Monte Carlo, a helicopter ride over the city, $2,000 to play at the best casinos in the world and dinner at Monte Carlo’s finest restaurants.

“If the Major shouts at you, don’t worry. He isn’t telling you to get in line on the parade ground, instead he’s got great news for you – you have just won the jackpot.”

You can play Major Millions …

Gambling debt drove deal

poker online uang asli

One of the local businessmen linked to the Mercer County corruption probe unfolding in federal court acknowledged yesterday that his rampant gambling habit led to many of the alleged illegal activities under scrutiny by investigators.

Alex Abdalla, 52, who has pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the investigation, spoke about his addiction to casino gambling and illegal sports betting during testimony yesterday in the case against Harry Parkin, chief of staff to former Mercer County Executive Robert D. Prunetti.

The Washington Township man said he desperately searched for cash after he amassed $500,000 in gambling debt – primarily from illegal betting – while he was the owner of the county’s recycling hauler.

“I had a gambling problem,” he said.

Abdalla, who cooperated with the government investigation, testified he bribed former Ewing Mayor Al Bridges in 2000 to try to get demolition work on the former General Motors Corp. site in the township.

Though those efforts to make extra money weren’t successful, Abdalla said he was able to get investors, including Parkin, to loan money to his company, Central Jersey Waste & Recycling.

Abdalla testified he didn’t tell Parkin about his gambling problem when the county official made a $150,000 loan to the business in October 2000 while Parkin was chief of staff.

Abdalla said he spent half of Parkin’s loan on his own gambling debts and outstanding bank loans.

Unknown to Parkin, Abdalla routinely took as much as $50,000 at a time from the company to cover his debts.

“I was bleeding the company,” he said.

Abdalla was the second alleged co-conspirator to testify against Parkin, who is accused of using his county job to foster his financial interest in the recycling company.

James Lambert, a former county employee, spent seven days on the stand outlining the trio’s alleged plans …

Qiuqiu Soccerphile in the Emerald Isle


I’ve just been on a quick trip to Northern Ireland to see relatives but I could not get away from football.

For one thing the Northern Irish are mad about the game, passionate about the Premier League and the big two from Glasgow.

Walk around an Ulster town and you will see more football shirts than in a comparable English town. Travel to Liverpool or Manchester United for a home game and you cannot miss the many Irish accents around.

As it happened, all Ulster eyes were fixed on the telly on Sunday as there was an Old Firm game, a classically passionate affair won by Celtic, the team Irish Catholics gravitate to. Rangers are the Ulster Protestants’ club of choice, their red white and blue colours chiming perfectly with their Union flags.

The Ulster connection with the Glasgow derby remains Qiuqiu strong: Celtic manager Neil Lennon is Northern Irish and famously resigned from captaining its national team after Loyalist death threats (he is Roman Catholic); Celtic fans fly Irish tricolours.

The Northern Protestants, predominantly descendants of 17th century English and Scottish colonisers, support Northern Ireland as their national team while the Catholics cheer the Republic of Ireland, established in 1924 after the island’s partition.

As a classic marker of the complexity of this island’s politics, Northern Ireland wear green and their badge is a Celtic cross with shamrocks, all symbols of Catholics and the South eschewed by hardcore Unionists who assert their British identity. Confused? You are not the only one.

Northern Ireland has traditionally been the stronger but the Republic enjoyed a golden age under England hero Jack Charlton, reaching the last eight of the European Championship and the World Cup. At Euro 2016 both Irelands reached the last 16.

Currently the North is ranked by FIFA slightly …

Korea Break Saudi Jinx In Poker Online Uang Asli Style

Poker Online Uang Asli



Park Chu-young celebrates his late goal

It wasn’t the prettiest and it wasn’t without controversy but South Korea’s 2-0 win over Saudi Arabia in qualification for the 2010 World Cup in Riyadh was one of the team’s best results in years and a seventh successive appearance at the World Cup looks a good deal closer.


It had been 19 long years since the Taeguk Warriors last defeated the Sons of the Desert in a competitive match but late goals from Lee Keun-ho, his fifth in three games for the national team, and Park Chu-young in the early hours of Thursday Poker Online Uang Asli morning Korean Time, gave the visitors the three points.


That haul puts Korea two points clear at the top of Group Two after three matches. Iran has five, two less than the leaders, while Saudi Arabia and North Korea each have four. UAE sits in last place with a solitary point.


The win at the home of one of Korea’s biggest rivals in the battle to reach the World Cup is a big step in the direction of South Africa. It also means that if Korea can avoid defeat in Tehran in the next match in February, it will be in first place at the halfway stage with three of the four remaining games to be played at home. The top two in the group automatically qualify.


That is far in the future however and for the next few days at least, coach Huh Jung-moo can bask in the victory. It wasn’t an easy one but few expected it to be. Saudi Arabia had a great chance to score in the opening minutes but twice Lee Young-pyo, playing his 100th game in the red shirt, blocked on the goal-line.


Marlon, Hammer Reds and Pkv Poker Pool Wails

Pkv Poker



In the majority of cases, there is no truth in a supposed national stereotype. The Germans are not all methodical robots; the French are not all obnoxious and the Americans are certainly not all overweight, self important, unintelligent, tambourine banging losers who you’d rather cross the street from rather than risk the possibility of any form of social interaction.


However, there’s a certain amount of truth in the Pkv Poker stereotype surrounding the typical Brit, it’s believed that the Englishman will always support the underdog, and true to form, I’m tipping the Hammers to nail the Reds in the FA Cup final.


It’s not an inherited irrational dislike of the favourite that points me towards West Ham, in fact I have no real empathy with the outsider; I once found myself in the position of an underdog, nine months later, I had to marry her, so it’s a particularly painful memory. It’s simply value for money that makes the Hammers such an excellent investment at Betfair’s 3/1 to lift the trophy. West Ham are trading at 11/2 with the same exchange to win the match in 90 minutes, and that’s so close to irresistible it’s almost whispering seductively.


There’s no doubting the fact that the Pool are worthy favourites, Steven Gerrard is a genuine world class operator plucked directly out of the top drawer, but if you put Gerrard to one side, the difference between the two teams is minimal. In fact, there is an argument that would suggest that West Ham’s forward line is stronger than Liverpool’s; and being an argumentative so and so, I subscribe to that point of view. Stan James have priced Marlon Harewood up at 9/1 to bag the opener and that’s worth a little play.


Anton Ferdinand has …