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While playing at poker tables I see players with their lucky charms, muck protectors, sunglasses, headphones and anything else they feel will give them an edge at the poker room. It is very easy to become distracted and feel that you need these things to be a good player. In the end, it’s all about the cards you choose to play.


Not always will pocket aces win. However, the probability of them losing is very minimal. Probability goes into the decisions that many professional poker players make. Your rationality for betting shouldn’t be, “I have a very good hand.” It should be, “The probability that my hand will be the best hand is good.” A statistics course at your local community college will help your poker game in this respect.


Determining Probability

Determining probability is an important aspect of determining if you have the best hold-em hand. For example, if 4 out of 8 of people are buying a flop and they don’t normally buy a flop, it is very probable that they have high cards. This might be a good opportunity to buy a flop if you have low cards such as Four Five Suited. There is a higher probability that the flop will be lower cards and you will get a possible flush, a straight, two pair or even three of a kind. If the flop does not look promising, you should fold at this point. visitez le site



Avoid thinking your hand is the best. When you start to think that your hand is the best, you ignore the other players at the table and become fixated on your hand. If you think about the probability that your hand is the best you will start to play better poker.


Control your Emotions

Phil Ivey is a great example of a poker player with total control over his emotions. He is very quiet at the table, does not scream for joy when he wins and pout bitterly when he loses. He controls his Highs and his Lows. You will win big hands and you will lose big hands. Poker will be an incredible roller coaster of emotions and how you handle those emotions will dictate your game play throughout a tournament.


Continue to Learn

Learning is a nonstop, never ending process. Continue to read, play and watch poker and strive to learn something from each hand that you watch or play. If you are afraid of losing money while learning you can play free online poker without the pressure of losing your bankroll. Find a strategy that works for you but understand that it’s all about the cards that you choose to play and how you choose to play them. It’s easy to watch someone lay down a winning hand on TV and wonder why he did it. What you should be wondering is what you would have done in that situation.


If you follow the steps in this article and learn more about probability, you will gain a great advantage over other players and you will have a much higher success rate when you play at the tables.