Brazil the Country – the Real Winner of the Bitcoin Dice World Cup?

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Come the middle of July, the world will be plunged into football related hysteria as the World Cup kicks off in Brazil. The tournament is set to make tourism within the country surge, injecting a vast amount of money into Brazil’s economy. Aside from the additional tourism revenue the gambling industry will also see a huge boost, with online casinos like M88 Indonesia already posting record profits. Yet, for many, the arrival of the World Cup is not seen a positive light. It has been marred with controversy and exploitation and is seen by a vast amount of the Brazilian population as pandering to an international audience when there are greater issues at hand.


The integrity and motives behind holding the tournament must be called into question. Is it there to serve the Brazilian citizens or those in power. At a grassroots level, protests have consistently taken place since the World Cup was announced, with protesters rallying around slogans such as ‘We Don’t Need the World Cup’ and ‘We Need Money for Hospitals and Education’. Many people accuse those in power of wasting money on the construction of stadiums to be used in the tournament, whilst Brazil’s social institutions are in need of greater capital.


The government will argue the boost in tourism will free up funds that can be pumped back into the state, but when it is considered that the state has incurred nearly $11 billion on tournament related costs already, the integrity of this logic looks extremely flimsy. Many Brazilians are arguing this money could have gone on features that would directly benefit the public. Instead, the voices of many Brazilians are being ignored. This fact is even more unpalatable due to the fact that public transport prices have been increased, despite no improvements to the service occurring. In this light, it looks dubious as to whether the government will uphold their claims that holding the World Cup would result in an improvement of Brazil’s infrastructure and amenities.


It is hard to see the Bitcoin Dice World Cup as anything but wholly unfair for ordinary Brazilians. Their government is squandering money at an alarming rate on what is essentially a vanity project. Furthermore, as the deadline for stadium completion draws ever closer, the amount of deaths on stadium construction sites also increase. A total of 6 people have died building Brazil’s stadiums, with this largely being blamed on the rush to meet completion deadlines.


The cost of the hosting the tournament has been significant in terms of finances, lives, and public faith in their government. It is true that the Brazilian government could still deliver on their promises of modernisation, but in the current climate, it looks unlikely. Brazil has been aware that is hosting the tournament for the majority of a decade, yet there are little improvements in the lives of ordinary Brazilians to be seen. Furthermore, the fiasco has damaged Brazil’s image on the world stage. Images of protests, demonstrations and rioting have been devoured by the world’s media, placing negative attention upon Brazil that surely cannot be welcome so close to one of the biggest spectator events in the world.


Maybe if Brazil fare well in footballing terms, and the state drastically revamps its ideas in regards to public expenditure, then the tournament will go down as a success within Brazilian history. However, for the time being, the reality looks a lot more pessimistic.