A Nurse’s Guide To Lowering Your Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the stress put upon blood vessel walls by the blood that circulates through them. In the body, blood gets pumped out of the heart, and travels through the various parts of the anatomy via arteries and capillaries, delivering life-sustaining oxygen. When that blood pressure is high, known as high blood pressure, or hypertension, those pathways shrink, and the heart has to work even harder to get blood flowing through them.

Reduce stress

Stress is an invisible, odorless, tasteless experience that can completely shut the body down and cause terrible emotional, even physical, pain. Stress arises from a cluttered mind attempting to do too many things or something that is too complex. When a person is stressed, their body releases hormones that squeeze the blood vessels shut. If stress is incurred over a long period, high blood pressure can reach life-threatening levels.

To lower high blood pressure, remove or adjust as many unneeded mental anxiety points as possible. These could be work conditions, unappreciative family members or unproductive associates and friends.

Improve nutrition

Nutrition plays the largest role in how the body operates. It is fuel. How fast the body moves, how it turns and twists, how it stops and starts and how long it takes to recharge – all of these things are determined by nutrition. And yet, despite this obvious logic, most people, especially people dealing with high blood pressure, continue to pour sludge into their engine.

To lower high blood pressure, remove excess sodium (salt). Sodium requires water to keep the body at its natural balance – homeostasis. This extra water inflates the blood vessels, increasing hypertension. Also, cholesterol and saturated fat need to be minimized as much as possible. They literally clog the arteries.

Start exercising

Fitness is the most important thing that can …

3-Reel toto sgp Jackpot at Gala Slots surpasses $114,000

Preferred online slots site, GALA SLOTS – toto sgp – has announced that the 3 reel slots jackpot currently stands at $114,873.94 and keeps growing with each spin!


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BingoMEGA Quarters – Labor Day Giveaways


BingoMEGA Quarters has announced today that it has special cash prizes lined up for the upcoming Labor Day holiday on Monday, September 5th.


The game will have special $100 cash prizes with a $3,000 jackpot playing randomly from 6pm EST until 12 Midnight EST.


A special $500 game with a $5,000 jackpot will be played at 10pm EST.


These special cash prizes will be played in addition to the many daily special games that are featured at this well liked site.


Players interested in participating in the games can download BingoMEGA Quarters and register at: http://www.quarter.bingomega.net


Poker Plex to Send Qualifying Players to Malmo, Sweden


(30 August 2005) Promoting the fusion of online and land-based tournaments, Poker Plex will be offering its players the opportunity to compete online for a seat at the up and coming Malmo Open Poker Tournament, due to be held in Sweden from 16th to the 18th of September.


Satellite tournaments to the Malmo Qualifier will span five week days commencing the 5th September with the last tournament taking place on the 9th. Subsequently, successful players will take part in the Malmo Qualifier on 11th of September to secure their seat at the Open …

Win a seat to play with the stars through 888 Poker

togel online is offering its poker players a once in a lifetime opportunity by putting up one seat for the Cannes Charity Poker event.  Here they will get to play alongside some famous A-list celebrities, as well as some super-rich charity donators.

Two stars already confirmed for the event are Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, who are both known for their poker and acting prowess. They will be joined by several yet to be announced stars in the 60 player charity tournament. It doesn’t just end with a chance to play with the rich and famous however, as the first place finisher in the charity tournament will win a $250,000 beach house in Durban, South Africa. The winner of the seat from the 888.com freeroll tournament (plus a guest) will also stay three nights at the Palme d’Or five star hotel in Cannes. Furthermore, proceeds from the event will be going towards two great charity organizations, ‘Not on Our Watch’ and ‘One Voice for Freedom.’


The best part of the whole deal is that any player from 888.com has the chance to win this amazing prize. To gain entry into the May 9th freeroll tournament qualifier, all you have to do is earn 1200 player points on 888.com between March 1st and May 6th. All players who do this will automatically be eligible for entry into the freeroll tournament where the winner will receive the grand prize. For those who don’t manage to earn the points required, there is also a $150 + $10 satellite tournament offered on May 7th.  The three top finishers will receive entry into the freeroll qualifier as well.


So sign up at 888.com and start playing now. Soon enough you could be sitting in Cannes taking chips from Matt Damon.  Or, if you …

Blackjack rules




Blackjack is far and away the most popular casino game played world-wide. Part of the reason for this popularity is the fact that, when played correctly, blackjack offers better odds than any other game.  Another reason is that, quite simply, blackjack is a relatively basic game with rules that are easy to understand.


Simply get a higher hand than the dealer’s without going over a count of 21. Of course there are a few other rules that you will need to know, and some basic strategies that help increase your odds of winning.


The basics…


In blackjack, all number cards are counted at their face value, picture cards counted as 10, and the Ace counted at 1 or 11 at the option of you the player – whichever is more advantageous to your hand. Therefore, if you hold a 9 and a 5, you have 14, but a nine and an Ace can be either 10 or 20. A blackjack hand is a 10 (10 or picture card) and an Ace, and its beats all other hands (except another blackjack). If you have a blackjack, and the dealer has 3 cards that add up to 21, you still win, but if you have blackjack and the dealer also has blackjack there is a stand off (ie you neither win or loose). Bets must be placed before any cards are dealt, and most casinos give the player plenty of flexibility as to the bet amount.


A bet is placed by simply putting your chip in the bet box before the round of cards are dealt. Once your bet is placed, the dealer will give you 2 cards, face up. The dealer also deals himself two cards, one face up and the other face down. …

Ulasan Kasino – Kasino 7 Sultans

Keluaran hk

Ulasan oleh Tim Neville

Ada dua hal yang saya cari ketika memutuskan apakah akan bermain di Kasino Online… perangkat lunak yang hebat, dan sesuatu yang sedikit berbeda.

Sekarang, jika Anda pernah bermain di Microgaming Casino sebelumnya, Anda akan tahu betapa berkelasnya perangkat lunak itu. Permainannya inovatif dan mereka bermain dan membayar lebih dari adil. Satu-satunya “negatif” kecil, jika Anda bisa menyebutnya begitu, adalah bahwa Anda cenderung menemukan permainan yang sama di setiap Kasino, dengan beberapa variasi kecil.

Tidak demikian halnya di 7 Sultan!

Ya, mereka memiliki semua favorit Microgaming Anda seperti Power Poker dan Double Magic, tetapi mereka juga memiliki rentang Slot yang luar biasa yang belum pernah saya lihat di tempat lain. Saya berhasil memainkan hampir semua yang tidak biasa, bersama dengan beberapa yang lebih terkenal, dan saya dapat memberi tahu Anda bahwa setelah melakukan ini selama beberapa jam, saya mendapatkan untung 100%! Tidak buruk jika Anda mempertimbangkan semua permainan yang saya mainkan dan taruhan yang saya buat.

Saya telah membuat daftar beberapa Slot yang mungkin belum pernah Anda lihat sebelumnya dan sedikit informasi tentang masing-masing Slot… tetapi jika Anda BENAR-BENAR ingin tahu betapa menyenangkannya slot tersebut, maka inilah saatnya untuk mengambil VISA dan memasuki Dunia Mistis Para Sultan …

Defcon Empat – Slot

Permainan ini cukup sederhana. 3 gulungan dan 1 payline, dan 3 koin Max Bet. Saya melakukannya dengan cukup baik dalam hal ini, tetapi gagasan tentang berbagai rudal yang berputar secepat itu membuat saya sedikit gugup…

Gold Coast – Slot

Gim 3-gulungan 5-baris dengan suasana liburan…jangan lupa Pina Coladas! Hilangkan kerepotan pekerjaan dan saksikan saat 3 simbol muncul Keluaran hk dan saldo Anda mulai terlihat sedikit lebih sehat…

Gaya Pulau – Slot

Ada yang mau kelapa??? Sejajarkan tiga pohon di Slot pembayaran tunggal 3-gulungan ini dan bukan hanya kelapa Anda yang perlu dipecahkan!. Mungkin tidak ada …

Akhirnya Beberapa Kemenangan Besar!

Togel Singapore

Kami telah melewati beberapa minggu tanpa melihat kemenangan jackpot progresif besar (dan yang kami maksud adalah enam angka atau lebih) tetapi ada beberapa kemenangan besar akhir-akhir ini yang pantas untuk ditunggu!

Ada pemenang jackpot Beach Life senilai $4,2 Juta hanya musim gugur yang lalu tetapi baru saja dipukul lagi, kali ini dengan €1,8 Juta kekalahan! Seorang pemain Prancis bernama Alain M. memenangkan jackpot besar ini di Casino Europa. Anda tidak ingin mendengar ini – dia baru bermain beberapa menit ketika dia menjadi jutawan instan! Seperti yang selalu kami katakan, hanya butuh satu putaran keberuntungan untuk menang!

Sementara itu Slotland telah menulis cek kepada pemain di kedua situs slot online mereka. Pertama, mereka memenangkan jackpot $200K yang memecahkan rekor di Slotland.com pada game Heavy Metal. Kemudian, minggu berikutnya, mereka memiliki pemenang jackpot enam digit kedua di situs kasino 3D mereka, WinADay.com, kali ini di slot-O-Matic payline tunggal baru.

Terkadang kita sama bersemangatnya mendengar tentang kemenangan yang sedikit lebih kecil. Seperti tempo hari, seorang pemain Bodog Casino bernama C.P. tidak hanya memiliki satu tetapi dua kemenangan bagus di slot Stars and Stripes – kemenangan $25.000 dan kemudian kemenangan progresif $50.000. Sertakan kemenangan $ 1500 lainnya yang akan membuat hari-harinya menyenangkan dan dia akhirnya memenangkan total $ 76.500 hari itu. Bagus!

Kami tidak memiliki detail apa pun tentang kemenangannya, tetapi kami juga dapat melaporkan bahwa seorang pemain bernama “Carol H” memenangkan jackpot Jutaan Besar yang luar biasa tempo hari — €851K, yang terdengar lebih baik sebagai $1,155.000!

Jangan cemburu – ini bisa jadi giliran Anda berikutnya!

Mega Moolah masih menunggu untuk dimenangkan. Togel Singapore Sekarang lebih dari $5,8 Juta dan meningkat setiap hari.

Kasino RTG seperti Lucky18Casino.com memiliki beberapa juta dolar plus jackpot saat ini. Dan bonus tambahannya adalah bahwa yang ini, tidak seperti banyak yang besar lainnya, tersedia untuk pemain Amerika. Aztec …

Dealer Sbobet yang jahat, kasino yang rakus, atau pemain yang tidak puas? Kamu putuskan

Daftar idn poker

Mengapa setiap kali saya menantang dealer, keputusannya selalu bertentangan dengan saya? Entah saya tidak dapat menemukan kasino yang layak, mendapatkan dealer gelandangan dan bos pit, atau keduanya. Saya juga sepertinya menemukan dealer yang membuat kesalahan, atau dealer yang setiap kali saya mulai menang, mengocok dek. Apakah Anda pikir ada saputangan yang terjadi, atau saya? Larry B.

Hanky-panky selalu bermaintapi itu subjek untuk kolom Lonely Hearts.

Mau bagaimana lagi, tapi kembali ke bisnis. Saya mengerti maksud Anda. Anda mungkin membuat pekerjaan saya lebih mudah dengan menyebutkan kasino atau wilayah geografis tertentu. Tapi Anda tidak melakukannya, jadi kami akan melanjutkan apa yang kami punya.

Dalam tujuh sendi yang menghabiskan 18 tahun hidup saya, perselisihan umumnya diselesaikan untuk kepentingan pemain – kecuali tentu saja pelanggan salah secara terang-terangan.

Di kasino di mana layanan pelanggan adalah mutlak, manajemen umumnya akan berpihak pada pelindung, kecuali yang ilegal atau mengerikan. Tidak ada eksekutif kasino waras yang akan kehilangan pelanggan seumur hidup karena kesalahan sepele. Ingat, matematika selalu ada di pihak kasino, dan beberapa shekel yang mungkin telah dikorbankan secara meragukan untuk pemain yang mengeluh kemungkinan akan menemukan jalan kembali ke nampan di tangan berikutnya yang dibagikan.

Mengenai kesalahan dealer, sebagian besar kesalahan Daftar idn poker yang dilakukan di kasino Sbobet tidak disengaja, jadi jangan merasa diremehkan. Orang-orang ini menangani lebih dari setengah juta tangan setahun. Biarkan mereka, Larry, membuat beberapa ejekan. Adapun bagian quick shuffle dari pertanyaan Anda, saya akan memberi tahu Anda bahwa beberapa dealer memiliki ritual mistis untuk mengubah urutan kartu, seperti: Tidak membiarkan pemain yang menang memotong, berdiri di kaki kiri, mengocok lebih awal jika kartunya berjalan dingin, atau terseok-seok terlambat saat panas, memecah geladak jika pemain bertaruh besar.

Yang membawa saya ke “sangat, sangat sedikit” dealer tidak bermoral yang “mengocok preferensial,” yaitu jimmy peluang. Di sini dealer, penghitung kartu, terus mengetahui semua …

Full Moon Spells Quarter Doom Untuk Jeonbuk dan Bandar Togel Singapore



Liburan thanksgiving Korea adalah waktu untuk menghabiskan waktu bersama keluarga dan menghormati leluhur yang telah meninggal. Apa yang tidak, adalah waktu untuk melakukan perjalanan yang tidak perlu. Lebih dari setengah negara bergerak di sekitar bagian selatan semenanjung untuk mengunjungi kampung halaman. Program berita televisi malam semuanya dimulai dengan menyiarkan gambar yang sama dengan senang hati. Yang pertama adalah bulan purnama, gambar yang diikuti dengan bidikan jalan tol yang sama-sama menggembung.


Waktu perjalanan yang menanjak antara kota-kota besar sangat berat tetapi terengah-engah disampaikan kepada mereka yang cukup beruntung untuk duduk di rumah mereka sendiri. Barometernya adalah Seoul-Busan. Biasanya dibutuhkan sekitar lima jam untuk berkendara dari ibu kota ke pelabuhan pantai selatan tetapi selama ‘Chuseok’, itu hanya akan membawa Anda sekitar setengah jalan.


Itulah poin perempat final Asian Champions antara Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors dan Urawa Reds di hari terakhir pesta panen dengan laga leg kedua yang akan berlangsung di Korea.


Fans Urawa di Stadion Piala Dunia Jeonju


Seminggu sebelumnya di Saitama, juara Jepang itu memberikan pelajaran sepak bola kepada juara Asia. Jika keunggulan dua gol yang dinikmati The Reds di sebagian besar pertandingan dibawa ke Laut Timur dan ke Korea Selatan untuk leg kedua, pelatih Urawa Holger Osieck akan senang meskipun mungkin sedikit kecewa karena pemimpin J-League tidak berhasil lebih. Seperti itu, bek veteran Jeonbuk Choi Jin-cheul muncul di menit terakhir untuk memberi tim tamu gol tandang yang vital dan banyak harapan.


Penggemar Jeonbuk Motors


Uang pintar masih ada di Urawa untuk maju tetapi baru saja. Jeonbuk telah menunjukkan saat memenangkan kompetisi setahun sebelumnya bahwa apa yang terkadang kurang dalam kemahiran mereka, mereka buat dengan semangat, kekuatan, dan semangat yang tidak pernah mati. Permainan seperti itu tidak selalu membuat perbedaan Togel hkg di K-league yang memiliki banyak kualitas tersebut. Masuk ke leg kedua, …

Brazil the Country – the Real Winner of the Bitcoin Dice World Cup?

Bitcoin Dice

Come the middle of July, the world will be plunged into football related hysteria as the World Cup kicks off in Brazil. The tournament is set to make tourism within the country surge, injecting a vast amount of money into Brazil’s economy. Aside from the additional tourism revenue the gambling industry will also see a huge boost, with online casinos like M88 Indonesia already posting record profits. Yet, for many, the arrival of the World Cup is not seen a positive light. It has been marred with controversy and exploitation and is seen by a vast amount of the Brazilian population as pandering to an international audience when there are greater issues at hand.


The integrity and motives behind holding the tournament must be called into question. Is it there to serve the Brazilian citizens or those in power. At a grassroots level, protests have consistently taken place since the World Cup was announced, with protesters rallying around slogans such as ‘We Don’t Need the World Cup’ and ‘We Need Money for Hospitals and Education’. Many people accuse those in power of wasting money on the construction of stadiums to be used in the tournament, whilst Brazil’s social institutions are in need of greater capital.


The government will argue the boost in tourism will free up funds that can be pumped back into the state, but when it is considered that the state has incurred nearly $11 billion on tournament related costs already, the integrity of this logic looks extremely flimsy. Many Brazilians are arguing this money could have gone on features that would directly benefit the public. Instead, the voices of many Brazilians are being ignored. This fact is even more unpalatable due to the fact that public transport prices have been increased, despite no improvements to …

The Situs Slot Deposit Pulsa Tanpa Potongan Gambling Industry Shows its Support

Situs Slot Deposit Pulsa Tanpa Potongan

Many people are still in shock after last week’s terrorist attacks in the U.S., but that hasn’t stopped them from helping those affected by this disaster. Donations have been pouring in to relief agencies, and the gaming industry is offering its support as well.

Many large brick-and-mortar casino companies have made sizeable donations to the relief effort over the past week. Mandalay Resort Group and Harrah’s Entertainment each donated $1 million to the families of the New York policemen and fire fighters who were killed in the attacks.

MGM Mirage made its own $1 million donation to the American Red Cross relief effort, while Pinnacle Entertainment will be donating a minimum of $500,000 to the children of victims and the Mohegan Tribe will donate $1 million to the Twin Tower fund. The fund will assist the families of those killed in the World Trade Center as well as the families of the fire and police personnel who lost their lives.

The online gambling industry has also stepped up to the plate and has contributed to the relief effort. Casino on Net has donated $50,000 on behalf of its staff and members to The September 11th Fund of United Way of New York.

Paypal, the online payment service used by many Net casinos, is also collecting donations. To date, PayPal donations total $1.43 million; 100% of the money raised goes to the National Disaster Relief Fund of the American Red Cross.

WINNERonline has made its own donation to the American Red Cross and challenges all other online gambling portals, news sites, and online casinos to make a similar contribution to this worthy cause.

Donations can be made through Yahoo.com to any of the following relief agencies: the American Red Cross, the New York Firefighter’s Fund, and the Salvation Army. These three …